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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
We are located open countryside known as 'The Moss' in Cadishead, Salford, between Manchester and Warrington.  While in a rural setting we are surprisingly accessible, just over a mile from the A57 bypass running by Irlam and Cadishead. Our address is at the bottom of this page.

We have a new puppy, at what age do you accept dogs?
When a dog has had their second set of injections and reached 14 weeks, they may attend.

My dog hasn't been neutered, will you accept him?
We will accept an un-neutered male dog up to the age of 12 months, However, if below this age his hormones are raging and it becomes an issue, we may ask that he doesn't attend.


Do you do pick-ups?
We do offer a collection and drop off service in the local area, Cadishead, lrlam, Hollins Green, Glazebrook, & Culcheth.


Are you licensed?
We hold a DEFRA Animal Activities License issued by Salford City Council.


Do you have kennels?
Sorry, We do not have kennels.


What do I need to do to send my dog to daycare?
We would need to have your dog in for a trial session with us, which is up to 5 hours.  Starting before 9am.  Trials are Free of charge.

We would need to see your dogs up to date vaccination card, we can not accept them in without this, if you have misplaced it your vet will issue you with a replacement copy.


We also require you to fill out our enrollment form. 

When are you open? Are there any rules on drop off or collection
We are open Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm.  All dogs must be in by 10am, collection is possible at any time during the day.


★★★★ Fully Insured, Licensed Day Care for your Four Legged Friend ★★★★
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